Street Talk: February 27, 2013

caines | 2/28/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Are we ignoring the increase in Black-on-Black crime?

Helen Jacques, 49Liberty City, housekeeper Its pathetic. Its like they put the guns out here on purpose. Something has to be done. Valuda Bickley, 66Pinecrest, retired Of course we are. Were complacent about it. We need to volunteer in the public schools and help educate the children of young parents. Kelvin Butler, 37Liberty City, ER tech I wouldnt say so. It seems like every Tuesday and Friday we see more police cars patrolling. Mona Veargis, 38Liberty City, security guard Yeah, I think that there should be better after-school programs to get the youth more involved. We need to take it to a school level. Darlene Harris, 45Liberty City, homemaker No were not ignoring it. I know Im not, but theres nothing I can do. Carsha Murphy, 34Hollywood, CNR Yeah, too many murders go unsolved. There should be more participation from the Black community.