UTD made the right choice with Fed Ingram

caines | 2/28/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Sometimes you need a person with a vision to come into a situation and inspire the members. Another way to say it might be that in times of distress or hardship you need a man or woman that can rally the troops. We believe that with the recent election of Federick Ingram as the new United Teachers of Dade president, such an individual has been identified. Ingram has made history as UTDs first Black president something that is noteworthy, even more so because we are in the final days of Black History Month. But Ingram isnt one to focus on his race or being the first Black for long. Instead, he has already begun to share his goals and to look for like-minded individuals who are willing to work with him. He speaks more about diversity and the group than his individual talents. Thats good because hes going need that support since right now unions are under fire. In states like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, some unions have already faced their Waterloo. They are like dinosaurs, slowly dying because they are unable or unwilling to adapt to a very different world than when they were first founded. Proving that he and his staff can be effective and make a difference for the thousands of members that make up the UTD will be Ingrams most formidable task. Still, we like his chances and feel that he will be successful. It is heartwarming to see a Black man from very modest roots find his way in the world of academia. His story should serve as an inspiration to all of us but especially to those who have ever faced insurmountable odds and found a way to either go over, under or around the mountain. Congratulations Fed. You have proven yourself worthy and we have every reason to believe that you will make a positive difference for the members of the United Teachers of Dade and the students whose lives you touch each day.