Chatter That Matters: January 2, 2013

caines | 1/3/2013, 4:30 a.m.

The Celebration of Christmas began with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., last week, at the Pembroke Pines Country Club. Credits go out to Stacy Jones, coordinator; Baljean Smith, president; all brothers and female guests that represented the deceased brothers. Others in attendance were: Odessa and Carlis Cook, Verna Lewis, Edna and Leo Tompkins, Pilot Eddie and Wanda Kimbrough and Jesse Lewis. Olga Vieirs, the president of the Dade Heritage Trust and Editor Becky R. Matkov, released their magazine Preservation Today, which celebrates the movers and shakers of Dade. Among those featured was Dr. Enid C. Pinkney who was recognized for her work with the African-American Committee, the Lemon City Cemetery and the Hampton House Trust. The magazine also devoted a page and a half to display Bernadette Poitier, Maude Newbold, Jaquan Cannon, Abdias Armenteros, Kenneth Curtis, Rev. Jesse Martin and Rev. James McPhee. If you would like to have a copy, call 305-358-9572 or 305-638-5800. Invitations for the King of Clubs Black & White Gala, Friday Jan. 11, are being mailed. For more information please call Dr. Astrid Mack at 1-954-435-1072. The affair will convene at the Double Tree Hotel & Spa in downtown Miami. Bethany Seventh-Day Adventist Church was filled last Sunday for Handels Messiah and Jazz Masterpieces Bridging Classics of the Past with Classics of the Future. Kudos go out to grant writer Enid C. Pinkney and Charlayne Thompkins, coordinator, for their effort in show-casing Conductor Nelson Hall, with 100 voices and 20 orchestra violins, Melton Mustafa, TreKiece Douglas, and soloists: Denise Anderson, Cynthia Chelle Reed, Stephanie St. Come, Christine M. Jabson, Breon A. Williams and James Bell. Congratulations go out to some of Dade County Northeast Regional Transportation Center field operation specialists in being recognized for years of service. Among the recognized: Ulysses Richardson, 40; Linda Mashack, 37; Clifford Brown, 33; Rose Ivey, 23 and Saundra Gause, 23. Bernard Thomas, assistant band director at Miami Central, died on his way to the State Championship football game. Glen Ekienburger and other band directors paid tribute to him for his dynamic career at Jann Mann, Central, Northwestern and the Psi Phi Band. He will be sadly missed. Prayers also go out to the Aaron Johnson family. By Dr. Richard Strachan