Street Talk: January 2, 2013

caines | 1/3/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Are you afraid of rising taxes?

Lester McKeller, 58Little Haiti, disabled veteran No, I have a fear of God and God alone. Taxes are just a part of the government; if they rose, I wouldnt commit suicide or anything. Donna Pender, 56Liberty City, business owner Im not afraid of anything. We poor people cant control it, we have to just go with it. I have to deal with it and survive. George Eberhart, 63Northwest Miami, sales manager No, its going to happen anyway. My lifestyle is not going to change. A few dollars doesnt matter so what? Yvette Demeritte, 57Liberty City, retired Yes, because if taxes rise I cant afford to live. As a retiree I dont have an income that could combat a loss from taxes. The cost of living is enough. Paris Johnson, 22Liberty City, clerk No, it is what it is. Taxes are a part of life. David Floyd, Jr., 54Liberty City, electrician Oh yeah. The pay scale doesnt reflect the tax hike, it should be that the more you make, the higher your taxes. But in the long run the poor will just get poorer and the rich will only get richer.