Street Talk: January 9, 2013

caines | 1/10/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Would you support arming teachers in public schools?

Dwayne Senior, 55Liberty City, Retired I dont think its a good idea. Kids could go off on a teacher and if that teacher is armed it could prove to be dangerous. Teachers could be just as crazy as a student or anyone else. Benny Ware, 68Liberty City, Retired No, they dont need them. Its not too often that there is a situation where a teacher would need a gun. Jerry Bowlegs, 62Liberty City, Business owner No, you have teachers who molest kids; they could just as well snap and hurt someone. Teachers arent gun people; arming them is the worst thing that could happen. Joe Nathan, 63Little Haiti, Retired No, it adds more fuel to the fire. Teachers shouldnt have to handle their students; theyre not law enforcers. Lorenzo Jones, 57Brownsville, Transportation technician If everyday people could be armed, why not teachers? Obviously things have to be secure and monitored having a gun isnt fail safe. But it gives someone a chance to protect themselves. And if you dont own a firearm in this town, youre crazy. Donovan Johnson, 23Liberty City, Student The security guards, yes; the teachers, no. Its a shame that the unarmed security guards we have in our schools cant protect us in such a situation. We cant wait until something like Sandy Hook happens here.