Chatter that Matters: January 16, 2013

caines | 1/17/2013, 4:30 a.m.

A homecoming celebration honoring the legacy of Gloria Louise Bannister took place last weekend at the Church of the Incarnation, where the litany and funeral services were held and carried out with leaders Keshawn Ferguson, Leroy Walker, Ethel Ingram, John Jarrett, Kenneth Major, Fred Fleischer and officiant Rev. Errol Harvey. Kudos go out to participants of the service: Rev. Jarrett, Kemisha Williams and Reginald Hughes. She survived by her husband, Herman; daughters: Arias, Lazo and Octavia (Darron) Taylor; two brothers, Herbert Brooks and George Farrington; three sisters: Shirley Cottle, Barbara Scott and Mary Wells and other family members: Gwendolyn Farrington, Delvin, Michael, Darrenisha, Robert, Desiree, Sherrel, Terrell, Darria, Deja, Mya and Kimora. The mass from the project included: Joyce M. Hepburn, Rudolph Jones, Syble R. Lee, Norma Mims, Nellie Perry, Nellie Wilder, Gladys Flunora, Baljean Smith, Pat Thomas, Lona B. Mathis, Lovoner F. Robinson, Lucille Robinson, Hoopie Hall, Gloria Green, John Shaw, Jesselyn Brown, Gerald Bullard, Annie G. Sweetings, Gwen Bullard, Susan Allen, Cheldita B. Wright, Jethrina B. Suarez. Tim Rolle, Alvin Thomas, Betty Jenkins, Josephine Davis-Heastie, Shelden Saunders, Bridgett Clark, Shanundella Gates, Cammula While, Cynthia Jones, Derrick Nicholson, Robert Hickson, Carl Wells, Jr., Abin Bannister, Michael Lazo, Delvin Wilson,Robert Hickson, Laurastine Portor, Dr. Kathy W. Latimore, Arnold Davis, Gloria Smith, Sam Murphy and Ivan Stuart. Dr. Inid Pinkney attended the Landmark Demolition Ceremony for Hampton House Village, along with Charlayne Thompkins and Isabella Rosete. A heavy discussion was led by Dorothy Dottie Johnson, vice mayor, City of Opa-Locka, regarding bids for the project including the facility of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Other facilities will include a Jazz Listening Room, A Jazz Library and A Meeting Room for mini-affairs.