Defense readies its challenge in Wilson case

caines | 1/17/2013, 4:30 a.m.

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] The defense will begin its work today [Wednesday] in the Rilya Wilson case and is expected to call witnesses who will deny testimony previously presented by the prosecution. The State rested last week in its case against Geralyn Graham, 66, accused of abusing, kidnapping and killing four-year-old Rilya Wilson sometime during December 2000. The Florida Department of Children & Families [FDCF] had placed Rilya in the home of Graham and her live-in lover Pamela Graham [not related]. However, the child subsequently disappeared for an estimated 18 months before being noticed by Department officials, leading to sweeping changes in the FDCF. To date Rilyas body has not been found. Graham was indicted by a grand jury in 2005 after allegedly confessing to fellow inmate Robin Lunceford that she had smothered the young child and buried her near a body of water. As the defense proceeds, it is anticipated that they will challenge the testimony of the States star witness, Lunceford, who made a deal with authorities for her cooperation. Her former prison roommate, Cindy McCloud, has already taken the stand in efforts by the defense to call into question Luncefords credibility. McCloud was released from jail in June after serving four years. Another inmate, Maggie Carr, recently testified that Graham implied that she had gotten rid of Rilyas body. She has no deal on the table with the prosecution and is serving 25 years to life for murder. And another inmate, Ramona Tavia, during proceedings last week, said that Graham confessed to killing Rilya. The defense will continue to attack Grahams former jailhouse friends suggesting that all of them are lying and that each has something they hope to gain by testifying. Miami Times staff report