Street Talk: January 17, 2013

caines | 1/17/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Why hasnt Haiti seen greater improvements from the millions in donations?Colay Colebrook, 68Liberty City, Retired I havent seen anything in the news of whats been done. Nothing is being accounted for, theres obviously been a lack of honesty with the charities. Shaila Taylor, 45Liberty City, Nurse I dont know, but I hope they havent been stealing from those in Haiti. They need homes and fresh water, its been too long. Andre Smith, 58Miami, Driver Judging from the news I havent seen anything; no buildings, no homes nothing. They havent even rebuilt the city yet. Its bad. Denise Bass, 29Miami, Cosmetologist The government must be taking the money needed to help those people and using it for their own agenda, like the military. Adrian Felton, 49Liberty City, Transportation Those charities arent being honest and are taking the money for themselves. Its not looking good on our part as Americans. I just hope that they get the support theyve been promised. Vanita Riley, 40Liberty City, Business Owner I dont know but Im upset, those people are still in tents. Obama needs to look into that, its a shame.