Street Talk: January 23, 2013

caines | 1/24/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Do you think the Dolphins stadium upgrade will benefit Black jobseekers?Robert Kelsey, 78Miami Gardens, Retired I doubt it. Everything seems to be going to the Hispanic population, and they are hiring their own. Dalandia Johnson, 18Miami Gardens, Student Yeah, there are a lot of Blacks and teens in the Miami Gardens area, and they could give those jobs to people like them including myself. Trina Johnson, 44Miami, Manager No, I dont think so. It hasnt been that way so far I mean they have some Blacks working but there are so many more seeking employment. So just because theyre redoing the stadium doesnt mean their employment will change. Pamela Larry, 42Liberty City, Housekeeper Yes it will if they actually decide hire more Blacks this time around. Rodney Jackson, 52Miami, Barber Yes, where an opportunity presents itself, theres an opportunity for those who have potential. Helen Jacques, 49Liberty City, Housekeeper It should. There is a lack of jobs in that community and they should help, that is, if theyre not prejudice.