The NFL proves why it's the best

caines | 1/24/2013, 4:30 a.m.

The NFL proved this past weekend why it is the top dog in all of sports. Even when the league was on strike and we all threatened to walk away with our dollars because these millionaire athletes and billionaire owners were bickering over even more money we came back in droves because America loves NFL football. The playoff games this past weekend were a perfect illustration as to why the NFL is king. Lets start first in Denver where the great Peyton Manning and the top-seeded Denver Broncos appeared to have the Baltimore Ravens on the ropes leading 35-28 with just minutes remaining. It looked like it was the end of the line for future Hall of Fame star Ray Lewis. But that was before a miraculous 70-yard touchdown pass was thrown by QB Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones. With that completion the Ravens roared back, winning in double overtime 38-35. The games only got better and even more dramatic. We saw tears of joy shed by Tony Gonzalez who was big for the Atlanta Falconsin an incredibleand difficult 30-28 win over Seattle on Sunday. Saturdaynight we sawthe record running of San Francisco's Colin Kaepernickagainst Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers. Simply put, the NFL may have provided one of the greatest playoff weekends in its long and proud history. It simply does not get better than this. Even after the New England Patriots dusted off the Houston Texans on Sunday night, the buzz surrounding the weekend's playoff games will resonate for years to come. This was March Madness, a buzzer beating three-pointer and a home run in the bottom of the ninth in the World Series all wrapped up into one magical weekend. Let there be no doubt about it nothing beats the NFL. The Sports Brothers, Jeff Fox & Ed Freeman, can be heard daily on WQAM 560 Sports.