CaRiMi rocks Big Night in Little Haiti

caines | 1/31/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Every third Friday of the month the Little Haiti Cultural Center hosts what has been dubbed, Big Night in Little Haiti. And as was expected, the first event of 2013, held last Friday, commenced with a huge splash. The popular and super-talented Haitian group CaRiMi gave a free concert, playing all of their hits and interacting with the crowd for well over an hour. CaRiMi is one of the most popular bands in the Haitian music industry, known for lyrics that focus on the social conditions of their homeland and a modernized sound geared towards younger audiences. Theyve collaborated with Wyclef Jean and Kassav and sold out major venues across the globe. The band recently held its 10th anniversary concert in Cape Verde to a crowd of 50,000. The music is a balmy blend of merengue, rock, soul and R&B, and its pulsating rhythm propels couples to glide around in close embrace, pushing off the ground into a gentle sway. The crowd was very much engaged and happy to be getting quality music from the superstar band right here in their own backyard. Hips swayed, shoulder rocked and the people sang in full harmony with the band and with each other. Even when the rain threatened to cut the set short no one made any moves to leave not the band nor the crowd. Eventually, the clouds dissipated and the party continued. The music fest was an intergenerational affair with even a few hipster residents enjoying the festivities. The Little Haiti Cultural Center is also a museum and party goers were able to take an impromptu tour of the museum. There was good Haitian music, Haitian pride t-shirts and food for sale and loads of beautiful people. It was a real treat for the senses. By Lutze Segulutzesegu@gmail.comMiami Times writer