Church reaps, after preparing for their harvest

caines | 1/31/2013, 4:30 a.m.

New souls, new ministries and a new edifice

It is a good season for the Pembroke Park Church of Christ, located in Hollywood. The church has been watching their theme for the year Receiving Gods increase manifest right in front of their eyes. We have prepared for harvest (cultivation), sown for harvest (impartation) and we naturally have an expectation of receiving what God will provide, Alvin Daniels, Jr., 45, minister of Pembroke Park Church of Christ, said. He explained that in 2011, the church had cultivated for the harvest by preparing their hearts and moving distractions out of their lives, which is equivalent to clearing the ground before sowing. Last year was the year of impartation. The church sowed for the harvest in many ways, including investing in the churchs building fund pledge and sowing into church ministries. Promotion doesnt come from the east, it doesnt come from the west, but promotion comes from the Lord, Daniels said quoting Psalms 75:6-7 on his Monday Morning Devotion, on the Pembroke Park Church of Christs YouTube channel. When we realize that fact and keep our hand in His hands, everything we do, of course with the blessing of God it shall increase, it shall be promoted, it shall be prosperous. Presently, the church is watching their vision of increase become a reality. The churchs growth is evident because new souls have been saved, lives are being transformed, new ministries were started, homes are being made over again and a new edifice is being built, which will be completed in July, according to Daniels. We believe that God has honored our vision and our faith, he said. When our church gets behind a theme, we tend to make that theme come true because housed in our theme is our faith in God. The theme of cultivation, impartation and receiving is evident in Daniels personal life, also, he said. He grew up in a single-parent home in a rough neighborhood, where he could have easily gotten into trouble, went down the wrong path or lost his life. He even dropped out of high school , but ended up going back and finishing. By the grace of God, he snatched me up from those things. Then later he studied at International Bible College in Alabama and at Valdosta State University in Georgia. Today, Daniels expresses his gratitude for his family and his church. He is married to the former Cynthia R. Kinnel, and they have three children. I have been blessed immeasurably to serve a great people, who are destined to do great things to the glory, honor and praise of God, Daniels said. I am better, stronger and wiser because of them. I've striven to seek the kingdom first, knowing that will add all that I shall need. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@Miamitimesonline.com