People: January 30, 2013

caines | 1/31/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Wedding anniversary greetings go out to our love birds: Rev. Shedrick E. and Wilma W. Gilbert, Jan 22nd: their 66th; Thomas and Agnator G. Nottage, Jan. 22nd: their 57th; Linzy and Paulette S. Hayes, Jan. 24th: their 23rd; Matthew and Sandra Barry-Williams, Jr., Jan 24th: their 37th and Willie and Roberta Neal, Jan 26th: their 7th. Father Richard L.M. Barry has been invited to preach at Saint Patricks Episcopal Church in West Palm Beach, March 13th in observance of that parishs 100th anniversary. The service begins at 6:00 p.m. The bus will leave from Saint Agnes church grounds no later than 4:30 p.m. If you would like to travel with the group please speak with or call evangelists Betty Blue or Florence Moncur. Get well wishes and our prayers go out to all sick and shut-ins: Arcie Ewell, Clarance Cleare, Sr., Edythe J. Coverson, Etta Mae Taylor, Frankie Rolle, Princess Lamb, Iris Paramore, Gwen F. Clarke, Claretha G. Lewis, Jackie Livingston, Donzaleigh McKinney and Veronica OBerry. Continue to remember: Wilhelmina S. Welch, Grace Heastie-Patterson, Naomi Allen Adams, Thomas Nottage, Evangeline Gibson and Norman Carey. Dr. Roland Burroughs returned back to his home in Hollywood after spending two weeks visiting his family in New York where he lived for 30 years. Welcome home, Dr. Burroughs. Among those spending last weekend in Nassau were Fr. and Mrs. Richard L.M. Barry, Carolyn Mond, Deacon Doris Ingraham, Jerone Holliway, Margaret Moncur, Hermo Jean Barry-Larkin, Robin Moncur, Fredericka Fisher, Janelle Hall, Elestine McKinney, Angela Taylor, Carolyn Clear, the Harold Clark family, Fred Browne, Flora Browne, Gwen Thomas, Francina Lewis-Robsinson, Catherine Armbister, Paulette Johnson, Cynthia and Cheryl Trotman, Theodore and Shirley Johnson and Angel Sears. A fabulous time was enjoyed by all in attendance on the ship. Have a very great and safe new year. May you and your family enjoy the best of everything and have a successful 2013. Love you all People columnist By Anna Sweeting