Chatter That Matters: July 10, 2013

caines | 7/11/2013, 5:30 a.m.

A big salute goes out to Jhayla Kirkland, a Miami Gardens 10-year-old who cannot pinpoint when she fell in love withscience and mathematics. Jhayla, who just completed the fifth grade, recently won first place in the southeastern consortium for Minorities in Engineering National Science Essay Contest. I was surprised I won, she said. I didnt know my essay was the best one. In her essay, she writes about landing a career in mechanical engineering to create her own eco-friendly line of cars. The cars would be called Clarkson White and instead of using gas all you have to use is white milk, she writes.Her mother, Tarrollyn Knowles-Tucker, is a teacher at Country Club Middle School.When school opens in the fall, Jhayla will head to the sixth grade, where she is ready for new experiments and challenges.She was recognized by Mayor Three men who meet every Thursday, at the restaurant off of Ali Baba in Opa -locka are: Samuel Sambo Harrison,Elliot Flattop Flanders, and Walter Johnson.All three of them grew up Overtown in Sister Wards yard on first court, while Sambo used his mechanical skills to build a small theatre out of a tent for the gang to watch cowboys movies.However, during the picture show, the tent would be knocked down several times and the movie fans had tocrawl out for repairs.Sambotook the time to attend Yale Universityand completed a course in filming, photoshooting while playing the tenor sax.Flattop played thealto sax. Walter spent his time finding out who did what and when. The topic this week will be the death of Earlin Humes, his funeral and musicianshipas a member of the famous Billy Rolle band back in the day. George Lane was the last to hire him.He willbe missed by the musicians and those who knew him. Gladys Smith and her Arcola Lakes Park Seniors walkers once again met and took the entourage to Jacksons Soul Food, Overtown, for a Fathers Day celebration, last Friday.Some of the 25 in attendance included Mamie Williams, Laverne Roundtree, Luke and Daisy Emmers, Norma Coes, TodineStrother, Barbara Wright, Gloria Orr, Linda Cummings, Dr. Inez Rowe, Bartow and Marva Duhart, Stan Lawson, Frank Strother, Edward Waters, and Treneise Henderson. The walkers wore their t-shirts spellingout their identity and followed the dutch-style ofpayingfor what you ordered.The seating capacity of 125 was easily taken, while groups of people joined themin a pleasant morningin Overtown.