Local filmmaker doesnt let age stop his dreams

caines | 7/11/2013, 5:30 a.m.

12-year-old has his own production company My name is Aaron Johnson, Im the CEO of Aaron Johnson Productions. I just so happen to be free this summer, and I was just wondering . . ., the local 12-year-old filmmaker, said, when he called Tyler Perry Studios, to ask about an internship earlier this summer. The Perry Studios staff member who he spoke with seemed to be very impressed and encouraged Aaron to send Perry an e-mail. He plans on doing so. Perry, along with Spike Lee and others, is one of Aarons favorite filmmakers. Aaron has been interested in filmmaking, since he was nine years old. One of the messages that Im trying to send out is youre never too young to follow your dreams, Aaron said. No matter how young you are, you dont have to always be dictated because of your age. You can start it whenever you need to. Aaron is the son of Rev. Dasha Johnson, senior pastor of Alpha International Ministries and First Lady Takela Johnson. His filmmaking career began when he stayed up one night, helping his mother, make a video for their church. He began watching videos on YouTube of how to do it, and was inspired by other youth who were very skilled in making videos. It made me want to be a part of that category. It made me feel like, if theyre this age, I know I can do something with my time and my passion. Johnson started with Windows Movie Maker on a laptop. Now he works off a Mac computer using Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Hit Film and Movie Plus programs. Takela Johnson said after being encouraged by another pastor and friend to invest into their sons interest, they have. They spent about $10,000 on a camera, lighting, green screens, microphones and other filming and editing products for Aaron. I just love sitting there and letting my creative juices flow, Aaron said. Its like when Im sitting there, Im making the video mine. The editing and filming. I just enjoy everything about it. Aaron has taught himself everything he knows. He has learned a lot about editing from YouTube videos and has learned about filming from reading books. Aaron said in times of difficulty when it is hard to focus, he turns to God, I would just sit there and if I cant think of anything, Ill pray, Aaron said. Ill say Jesus I really need your help with this one. Presently, Aaron has filmed several music videos and commercials for companies, local artists and churches. He is hired for several projects each month and is currently writing a film and play script. Aaron said his goals are to become one of the biggest video producers in South Florida [then expand] and to one day work with Tyler Perry. Johnson said they are looking for a company or a person that will assist Aaron in growing as a filmmaker. Although he has been limited and hasnt been able to attend certain filmmaking schools or participate in certain contests because of his age, both Aaron and his family are determined for him to grow as a filmmaker. For more information, visit Aaronjohnsonproductions.com. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com