Have Black youth become comfortable with failure?

caines | 6/6/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Its easy to point fingers at the world, at our community and at the powers that be who seem to always be positioned as our puppet masters constantly pulling on our strings. Adults are prone to point fingers all the time and our youth quickly follow suit. On the other hand, there is the recent example of one youth who apparently has chosen to never make excuses for failure. Instead, he has looked for ways to succeed. And succeed he has certainly done. In early May, 18-year-old Davie youth Gregoire Narcisse, the only child of a Haitian father and a Barbadian mother, earned his undergraduate degree from Florida State University. FSUs president says that Narcisse is now the youngest person to earn a bachelors degree from the state school. Narcisse says he already has a plan and intends on racing towards both masters and law degrees before pursuing a career as a sports agent. In fact, those who know him say he has always been focused, taking advantage of every opportunity and living life as if there were no tomorrow. Black youth could take a lesson from this young man. While he could say that life hasnt been fair being a child born of two heritages, or that the game has been rigged because his family has moved several times throughout his youth, or that his maternal grandfather was just a sugar mill foreman and farmer and therefore he probably wouldnt amount to very much, its clear that he never saw the need to make excuses for any parts of his heritage or the live he has lived thus far. We all know that there are many injustices here in the U.S. and that Black youth are not always afforded the same privileges or opportunities as whites. But young Narcisse has shown us that education still remains the one great leveler and that if you study to the best of your abilities, anything is possible. Who cares where you came from, how poor your grandparents were or whether you are living in a single-parent home? You can still be the master of your own ship and the captain of your soul. Just do it and stop making excuses.