Street Talk: June 5, 2013, Church, the epicenter of Black America?

caines | 6/6/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Barbara Jackson, 68Miami Gardens, retired I dont think so. Kids have their own way of thinking. Wayne Smith, 53Liberty City, loan shoreman I truly believe theyre a product of an entire race of people being misled by the system, rather than just hip-hop. Gwendolyn Johnson, 66Brownsville, retired No, its all on the individual. [Kids] make up their own minds. Greg Carter, 62Liberty City, disabled No its all in the mind, hip-hop has nothing to do with that. Spence Taylor, 25Aventura, recreation director No, it comes from the way they are raised. I listened to hardcore hip-hop and yet I never went that route. DJ Shakeem Up, 35Midtown, DJ No, Im an hip-hop artist and I can say that we have dirty and clean music, so it depends on the content [youth] are listening to.