Christian rapper spreads the word to the inner city

caines | 6/13/2013, 6:46 a.m.

Thisl performs after Marlins game on June 15 Am I going to live through this summer? Will I see my child grow up? Will my mother bury me? Thats a horrible way to live, Thisl, a nationally-aclaimed Christian rapper, said. But he remembers asking himself these very same questions. Before becoming a Christian, he spent all of his life in the street. He lived a life consumed by gangs, guns and drugs. In his song called Motivation, he raps about how changing his life has impacted his community, saying I used to tear down my block/ Now Im focused and my plan is to rebuild my block. Through his music, the rapper strives to connect with and be a voice for those who live in the inner-city. And to tell them that there is hope in Jesus, regardless of what has occurred in their lives. In another song called We Blind, he speaks from the perspective of a young man who feels he has no other choice but to rob someone or sell drugs to help his struggling mother, who cant afford to pay the familys light and gas bills. You hurt because you too young to get a job/But your homie got a gun and he down to rob, Thisl raps. But thats gonna open up the door to bigger probs/ You see, we walkin out our fathers sin/Cause they ran and didnt stand to be men. In another song, he informs his listeners who are going through hardships that through a relationship with Jesus, joy will come in the morning. The rapper discusses overcoming a home without a father, economic issues, and the lives of single mothers. Thisl explained that some of his songs arent as upfront or heavily theological as some Christian music. It is his goal to address real-life situations through a biblical lens and provide practical/biblical solutions to everyday situations. I always give Jesus as the answer, the rapper said. Thisl will be performing on June 15 at West Plaza of Marlins Park at Beastmode for Christ Fellowship, an exclusive event that will feature live performances by the rapper and other Christian music artists. The event will be hosted by Marlins outfielder Juan Pierre and the Team Chaplain Chris Lane. Pierre and other players will give their testimonials and discuss their devotion to their faith and community. Pierre, who has a Thisl song played when he is introduced before every game, personally invited the rapper to perform at the pre-game event. The Marlins will be playing Thisls hometown team, The Cardinals. As much of a die-hard Cardinal fan I am, I am way more of a fan of fellowship and expressing my joy in Jesus Christ. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com