Street Talk: June 19, 2013

caines | 6/20/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Are Black men still important to the Black family?Latonya Thompson, 43Miami, driver The real question is: do they want to be . . . men choose not to be important to their kids lives. Charles Johnson, 37Liberty City, assistant manager Yes, thats where kids get their morals. The fathers set the foundation for their kids. Desiree Johnson, 30Liberty City, unemployed Yes. Black men are forced from being a part of the Black family by Section 8 and welfare ruining the marital dynamic. Lamarr Evans, 65Downtown Miami, teachers aide Yes, raising kids today you need a Black male figure to instill more values and set an example. Bennette Meeks, 63Liberty City, retired Yes they are. In my days a male figure was important to raising a child. Karl Love, 50Miami, chef Yeah. You need a father for balance in the household.