Crime Scene: June 26, 2013

caines | 6/27/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Man sentenced to 11 years in prison for investmentfraud

A Fort Lauderdale mutual fund executive, accused of blowing investors money on luxury items like expensive cars and jewelry, has been sentenced in New York to 11-years in prison. John Mattera was sentenced by Judge Richard Sullivan last Friday in a federal court in Manhattan. Mattera is accused of promising investors early shares of Facebook and Groupon stocks, claiming he owned more than a million shares of both. Instead he spent the money on lavish luxury items for himself and his family. Those items included expensive jewelry, private jets, a boat and luxury cars. The Fort Lauderdale man was arrested in November 2011. He was accused of duping people who invested millions of dollars with his British Virgin Islands-based Praetorian Global Fund Limited.

Man uses Bible to light SUV on fire

Surveillance cameras outside a West Kendall home captured a burglar using a Bible to set a sport utility vehicle on fire. It happened in the Encore neighborhood near Southwest 147th Avenue and 88th Street. In the video, the burglar got inside Daniel Rodriguezs unlocked Acura. He sits down. He uses a lighter to get some vision, some light in here, said Rodriguez. He didnt want to, you know, burn his identity by turning on the light. The video showed the burglar continuously sparking the lighter as he searched the car for valuables. I think he got fed up or upset that he couldnt find anything worth taking, so he decided to just ignite the car on fire, said Rodriguez. If it wouldve had some oxygen, definitely it wouldve fueled the fire and things couldve gotten ugly. The fire burned the passengers side front seat and much of the roof. You can tell hes being sneaky. He closes the door real quietly. He wasnt making a lot of noise, added Rodriguez. We actually lock the doors all the time. We just happened to do groceries that night. My mother forgot to lock the doors, you know, and it happened. The burglar then stole a neighbors Black 2011 Honda Pilot with a Florida tag of ALXD18.

Woman caught driving drunk without pants

Natalie Delgado was caught driving drunk with pants, cops say. A 20-year-old drunken driving suspect got caught with her pants down, literally. Natalie Delgado wasnt wearing any pants when she got pulled over on suspicion of DUI on Interstate 595 last Wednesday, an arrest report says. It was the Pompano Beach womans second DUI arrest since February. Miffed at the underage drinkers driving record and alleged reckless behavior, Broward County Judge John Jay Hurley last Wednesday set Delgados bond at $25,000. Delgado was traveling in the wrong direction and on the wrong side of the roadway when she was pulled over about 2:45 a.m on eastbound I-595 near State Road 7 in Davie, the report says. When a Florida Highway Patrol trooper approached the drivers side of Delgados vehicle, she got out -- pantsless, the report said. The report provides no explanation about Delgados lack of attire. Delgado told the trooper she was heading home from work, where she was employed as a bartender and initially denied having anything to drink. She later admitted drinking one shot of tequila. Delgado smelled of alcohol, the report says, and while undergoing a sobriety test, she failed to touch heel to toe and repeatedly raised her arms to gain her balance.