Pastor of the Week: June 26, 2013

caines | 6/27/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Pastor brings hope to homeless group When Rev. George McKain, 63, first visited the Miami Rescue Mission in 1992, he heard the spirit of God say to him, youre going to do some work here. On that same day, he started working at the rescue missions center for men which offers a spiritually-challenging residential program for men who suffered from various life-controlling problems such as homelessness, chemical abuse or addiction, medical and mental issues and other issues. Since then McKain, who presently serves as the faith manager at the center, has discipled hundreds of men in the program. At the center, he ministers, counsels and teaches. McKain is proud to acknowledge that many great men have come out of the program. In fact, the head deacon of his church, a couple of pastors, other Christian leaders and even the current president of the rescue mission are graduates of the program. He believes the rescue mission opened the door to the fulfillment of his calling to be a full-time minister. I got that calling when I was 17 years old, McKain said. In 1979, McKain, a Jamaican-native, moved to New York with his wife, Doreen. As an evangelist, he preached the Gospel in both Jamaica and New York. After obtaining a scholarship to Miami Christian University, which is now Trinity Evangelical University, he moved to Miami and eventually graduated. Through counseling at the rescue mission and pastoring at Hallelujah Worship Center of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, which he founded in 1995, he has been able to fulfill his calling of being a full-time minister. McKain as a pastor When he first started the church, 14 of the founding members were homeless. We went to the streets, we picked up the people and we started a church with 17 members at that time, he said, while mentioning Luke 14: 23. Since then, the churchs membership has grown both spiritually. Their top priorities are teaching the Gospel and discipling men for the kingdom of God. The church has an active youth group that meets every Friday. In addition, the church evangelizes on both Sundays and Mondays and has deeper life Bible studies every Wednesday. In other efforts, they hold an annual baby dedication ceremony for the babies of residents at Miami Rescue Missions Center for women and children. The church conducts a ministry at the rescue mission every first Sunday. Anthony Boykins, who is being trained to be a deacon at the church and is also a graduate of the rescue mission, enjoys going back to the rescue mission center to minister to the residents with his church family. He describes McKain as a strong man of God. Boykins said McKain trained him and others to be leaders and men of God. He gave me an opportunity to come and join his church about three years ago, and Ive been here ever since, he said. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com