Street Talk: June 26, 2013

caines | 6/27/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Does Zimmermans lawyers joke in his opening statement indicate disrespect for the trial?Alicia Ragin, 29Liberty City, home health aide Yes. He doesnt even think Zimmerman is going to get charged either. Joni Poitier, 33 Jacksonville, attorney It did. It wasnt the right time for that; maybe during jury selection as some sort of commentary, but not in a opening statement. Bobby Jackson, 48 Liberty City, maintenance man Yes, it was disrespectful. This is a serious case a young man lost his life. Sheilet Green, 42 Liberty City, cosmetologist I think it was [disrespectful]. Why would you joke when someones child is dead? Queen Perkins, 58 Allapattah, social worker It was absurd, trifling and low-down. He showed disrespect for the law and [Trayvons] parents. Karl Love, 50 Miami, chef That lawyer owes [Trayvons] family an apology, and he needs to be disbarred.