Chatter: March 6, 2013

caines | 3/7/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Veronica Rahming, president, Mary Ann Thomas McCloud, coordinator, Men Of Tomorrow passed the gauntlet to Sonya Gardner and Bertha Milton who facilitated the Annual Black History Projects, last Thursday, at the Joseph Caleb Center.The winners: Sean Watts, first place; Troy A. Duffie, second place; and Gregory Wright, II, third place. Honorable mentions were:David Cheeseborugh, Justin White, Albert Smalls, Kwame Pia, Travis Hall, Stirling Montgomery and Michael Smith, Jr. The southern region of The Florida Department of Children and Families presented its Annual Black History Luncheon last Friday, at the Joseph Caleb Center. Program participants included:Tadarius McCombs, Reginald Munnings, Suzette Frazier, Esther Jacobo, Calinda Hicks, Arrica Bryant, Ray Gonzalez, Jamian Trotter and Dr. Richard J. Strachan. Following the program, the luncheon and fashion show featuredTom Franklin, Kim Grant, Tina Turner, Sam Vizor, Sam Fateru, Chief Kunle Afayi, FoLake Fateru, OluwoloeAlle; and The Violets (Etta Maria Brown, Joyce Ferguson, Wanda Mason and Kenly Frankin) sang hit melodies. The program ended asJanice Harris honoredChief Ifode for 25 years of service. Dr. AstridMack, president emeritus, King of Clubs of Greater Miami has announcedthat The Forum, which was created by the late Dr. Tee. S. Greer, will be held, March 7th, at 9 a.m. atMiami Central Senior High.The keynote speaker will be Rev. Richard P. Dunn. The program will include: John McMinn and the Miami Central Marching Band; Bessie LaGrant; Diamond Farlow; Gregory Bethune, principal; Dr. Mack; Dr. Edwin T. Demerritte; and King of Clubs members. Apostolic Temple is sponsoring a prayer week for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, from March 3-9, featuring The Mass Choir from Ebenezer United Methodist Church, March 8. The Louie Bing Scholarship Fund, Inc. featured Dr. Steve Gallon as the speaker at the annual banquet on March 2 at Florida Memorial University. Honorees were: James Anders, Wallace Aristide, Mario Batiste, Jeff Bertani, Earl Daniels, Allen Davis, Willie Jones, and Priscilla Bailey. By Dr. Richard Strachan