Street Talk: March 13, 2013

caines | 3/14/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Do gun buy backs really make the community safer?Gary Range, 61Liberty City, retired I dont think so. Theyre not getting the real guns off of the streets. The big guns are still out there, people are just turning in old guns. Nathan Fletcher, 56Overtown, retired I dont think so, but I appreciate there being less guns on the street. The youth needs to realize gunplay isnt like it is in cartoons people die and dont wake up the next day. Roman Smith, 74 Liberty City, retired It solves a little bit but not much. Whatll help is if the parents raised their kids the right way then it wouldnt be this way. Christine Hall, 58Liberty City, retired No they dont make any difference, people will just go out and buy more guns. Cresand Mike, 36Liberty City, cashier Yeah. It keeps a lot of the little kids from getting to them. Kay Smith, 50 Liberty City, educator Yeah, but more than that. Considering the economic times, people could use the cash. So itll make the community safer and put some money into their pockets.