Chatter: March 20, 2013

caines | 3/21/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Rev. Darryl Baxter, coordinator; Rev. Carol Nash-Lester, pastor; RobertPhillips; and Deacon Wilson provided the community withanHIV/AIDS concert last Saturday, at the Apostolic Temple located on N.W. 119th Street. Vendors were allowed to sell various items at the event. Performers included: Pat Jackson, First Baptist Church of Brownsville, Bethel Temple Childrens Choir, Praise Team from Emanuel Temple, R. Jackson and Codered, Cathy Johnson, J. Gods Baby Girl, Lil Reb, Rev. MakeLue, Jr., David Smith, Herman Banister, Juanita Smith, Ruby Rayford, Claudia Slater, W. Doris Neal, and Lea Armbrister. The Singing Angels of Arcola Lakes Park are back on the scene with Gloria Pacely, president, Samuel Chase Williams, vice president, and Mary Simmons, directress.The group took their Black History Program toParkview Elementary, Hadley Park,andto the Lyric Plaza in Overtown.Kudos go out to soloists and dancers Mamie Williams, Ruby Allen, Lonnie McCartney, Daphne Johnson, Slim Jackson, Henry Williams, Carolyn Fraizer Ted Abraham, Fred Brown and Ruby Allen. John McMin, band director at Miami Central Senior High School, receiveda donation of $1,000 from membership of the King of Clubs. The 2013 Men Of Tomorrow attended an etiquette luncheon at the newly built Pilgrim Village, where Stirling McMurray was emcee and Gregory Wright presented a piano solo. The young men were shown proper table etiquette and dating behaviors. The swearing in of certified lateral police officers was held recently at the Miami Police College auditorium at 350 NW 2nd Avenue. The program included Officer Kenia Reyes, Honor Guards, Officer Hope Jones, Pastor Razz Vazquez, Chief Manuel Orosa, keynote speaker. Cedric Philippe, a Miami Times fan was honored. Maevis Kerr, president, and Janet Moss Williams, secretary announced that members participated in a clothing give away with members Sherri Moss, Godfrey Bastian, Dejah Walker and Greta Telemazue helping to keep the organization alive. A salute goes out to Jontavia Dykes along with Carmen Jackson, track coach at Miami Northwestern on their trip to the Bill Wilson relay in Sebastian, Florida. Dykes took first place at the event. By Dr. Richard Strachan