Street Talk: March 20, 2013

caines | 3/21/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Is the presidents focus on Hispanics leaving Blacks out of the immigrant debate?

Alma Howard, 55Liberty City, dietician No, I dont see that. Henry Williams, 57Liberty City, civil worker I dont think so. I think he focuses on all nationalities. Christine Robinson, 49North Miami, clerk No. I think hes being fair to everybody. Villa McCleandon, 55Brownsville, bus operator Yeah, a lot of the issues havent been catered to Blacks. Its like were being overlooked. Michael Robinson, 62Liberty City, retired I dont believe that. Hes even-handed and focuses on everyone regardless of their race. Stone Antoine, 50Little Haiti, officer auxiliary I think its equal. All of the nationalities will benefit if the law is passed; its good for all us.