In remembrance of Sherdavia Jenkins, Rickia Isaac, others

caines | 3/28/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Memorial park acknowledges slain youth A few friends and family came together on March 22, for a birthday gathering. And if tragedy had not struck seven years ago when Sherdavia Jenkins was killed by a stray bullet, she would have been celebrating her sweet 16th birthday. Rickia Isaac, who was also killed by a stray bullet in 1997 at the age of five, would have turned 21 this year. In the memory of those two girls, who lost their lives while playing and walking in their community, and other children who lost their lives to homicide and violence, a group met up at The Sherdavia Jenkins Peace Park. Those in attendance, included: Sherdavias mother and father, Sherrone Jenkins and David Jenkins; Rev. Richard Dunn; Dinizulu Gene Tinnie; Catherine Hummingbird Ramirez; Meyga Girls; and other community members. Ramirez blessed the ground and the group stood in a circle and reflected on the life of Sherdavia and the other youth who have been killed by gun violence. Sherrone Jenkins expressed that it is difficult for her to visit the park because it is very close to where Sherdavia was killed. Jenkins spoke of the violence needing to be stopped and the people of the community needing to come together to help do so. According to Dinizulu Gene Tinnie many people have helped to bring the mini-park to life, such as: the Miami Childrens Initiative and the Inner-City Illustrators who both helped with the mural; The Artist Collective, including Tinnie, who were responsible for creating the monument, which holds Sherdavia memorabilia and written prayers; and Meyga Girls, who planted flowers in the park. We want to make it a place where [the] children weve lost are remembered, so [that] the sacrifice of their lives is not in vain, Tinnie said. But we also want to make it a place that the children that we still have can enjoy as a safe haven. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com