Mary Mary moving on with solo ventures

caines | 3/28/2013, 5:30 a.m.

One of groups last performances? Miami fans rocked out with Mary Mary as they performed at the Jazz in the Gardens on March 17, singing their songs of inspiration, which included Go Get It, their Grammy award-winning hit. But their performance may be one of the duos last for a while, since they have decided to take a break, which they discussed on their reality TV show. Erica, one-half of the group, explained that their break will make them stronger, individually, which will ultimately make them stronger as a group. Weve been joined at the hip for the last 12 years, Erica said. There are individual things in us that are beautiful and strong that we want to share with the world, so now is our opportunity to do that and hopefully our audience. . . will continue the journey as we grow and do different things. Over the years, while breaking records as music artists, the group relied on each other heavily, but now well just stand on our own two feet, Erica said. The ladies plan on performing individually. Tina, who will use the break to spend more time with her family, plans on releasing a childrens album, while Erica plans on releasing a solo album.

The definition of a Christian

Mary Mary reality show viewers could probably sense the split-up coming, sense the duo had disagreements that they did not censor for cameras. Erica explained that both her and Tina were committed to having an authentic reality show. Even though we dont always see eye-to-eye, we are sisters who really love each other, Erica said. She said regardless of how big or bad the argument is, they are going to say I love you because youre my sister, and keep it moving. Erica explained that although they are Christian artists, theyve never felt obligated to be role models. Being a Christian doesnt mean you have to be a perfect individual, it means I have a perfect God, who is forgiving and who is loving and there when I mess up to help me get it right. Some people dont believe that Christians get mad or struggle, but that is what their music has always been about overcoming adversity, she said. When you fall down, you dont stay down forever and the rain, the clouds and darkness doesnt last forever, Erica said. The resilient spirit Erica spoke of was illustrated at their Jazz in the Gardens performance. While singing Yesterday, Tina had shared that she had been going through something. She told the audience how she had been crying every day, while the group has been making changes. But their performance ended on a high note, with the duo exuding high energy and leaving the audience members cheering for more. One things for sure, Mary Mary is not disappearing, were not going anywhere, were just doing something a little different, right now, Erica said. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com