Street Talk: March 27, 2013

caines | 3/28/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Will Blacks benefit from the new projects in Overtown?Betty Fergie, 57Miami, artist I think itll benefit whites and [Hispanics]. Blacks have moved out. Joseph Scavella, 89Liberty City, retired If its really for current Overtown residents then yeah. Overtown looks terrible and the new housing projects would benefit those who live there. Ernestine Betts, 48Liberty City, homemaker Yes, I believe that theyre catering to Blacks. It has come a long way from how it was before. Gary James, 49Liberty City, truck driver It should benefit any and everyone. It shouldnt be about race. James Rico Smith, 65Liberty City, retired I think so; the people of Overtown need better housing. Wanda Wilson, 47Miami, truck driver No. Theyre shrinking Overtown and extending downtown. And the housing projects are for a certain income bracket, which leaves out many families.