Should Blacks push for immigration reform?

caines | 5/2/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Elizabeth McCleanhan, 69Liberty City, retired No, that would bring up more problems than what we already have. Jimmy Robinson, 60Little River, retired Yeah, there are a lot of Blacks getting turned away at sea. Haitians should have the same rights as the Cubans who make it to this country. Bennie Benjamin, 78Allapattah, retired If they let one do it, they should let all do it. Deandrea Washington, 43Miami Gardens, bus driver I think so, we should stick together on this. [Latinos] do, why cant we? Betty Burkes, 67Allapattah, barber We should push for it, we need the same rights. It should be the same for all nationalities. Regina Coney, 56Liberty City, housewife Yes we should. Its a shame that there are still racial biases going on.