Liberty City too often gets a bad rap

caines | 5/9/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Does anyone remember their parents telling them that it takes a lifetime to establish a reputation and a few moments to destroy it? Well, that seems to be the constant challenge facing the residents of Liberty City. Every time improvements come in the form of affordable housing, the reduction of crime, the removal of drug dealers from the streets, or even the increase of needed services for senior citizens and youth, these examples of good works are forgotten in a heartbeat whenever violence erupts. Those who talk about Liberty City but remain far from its core, find it easier to criticize whats happening from the outside and to assume that our community is still one where drug addicts, derelicts and dysfunctional parents make up the majority of residents. But that is not the case. Take for example the work that is being done by County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson. She is quietly leading a team of committed citizens, business leaders and City and County employees on a concerted effort to rid Liberty City of its lingering problems. She continues to be joined by homegrown businessmen like Broadway and his crew along 18th Avenue. She continues to be supported by law enforcement specialists like City of Miami Police Major Dennis Jackson, III, who recently took over the Departments sub-station in Liberty City. She also continues to get a hand from business hub advocates like Leroy Jones who say small businesses deserve a chance to succeed. Meanwhile, those who are living in Liberty Citys public housing units are beginning to come out on their porches again. They say they feel a bit safer and they add that when they see crimes being committed theyre calling the police. These are just a few of the good works that are going on each day in Liberty City. But youd never know it if you focused solely on the interpretations of those who would like to see our community implode.