Will summer tourism dollars benefit the Black community?

caines | 5/9/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Joyce Knight, 69Allapattah, retired No, theyre not giving us any [money], its all going to the beach areas. Shantell Brown, 40Liberty City, entrepreneur Yeah it offers jobs for everyone. I feel like [tourists] spend money in our community too itll definitely help my clothing business. Shantavia Brown, 19Liberty City, student No, they dont spend it here. All of the [tourists] spend money in wealthier places that are closer to the beach. Steven Washington, 74Liberty City, retired It probably would benefit the Black community. We really need the money in our areas. Louise Cotton, 71Miami, retired Hopefully, because there are a lot of Blacks who need jobs especially young Black men. [More jobs] would help lower the crime rate. Steven Fox, 43Liberty City, contractor I dont think so, we dont get that many tourists. The closest theyll get to the Black communities is the stadium in Miami Gardens.