Street Talk: May 15 2013

caines | 5/16/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Should Blacks care if the Dolphins stay in Miami?Greg Moody, 54Hialeah, entrepreneur No, I dont care [about the Dolphins] one way or another. Cecil Claire, 51Liberty City, property manager Yes. Its a lot of Blacks who work at the stadium. That little income helps them it did for me. James Whitehead, 52Liberty City, security Yeah, its a good team. . . as long as theyre down here, I dont care. Tavaris Betts, 21Liberty City, lawn service Yeah, [the Dolphins are] my favorite team and were the only ones whore supporting them. Woody Newkirk, 71Liberty City, motivational speaker Yeah Blacks should care; Don Shula made history here at that stadium. Miami made the Dolphins. Apon Nichols, 40Miami Gardens, stage technician I care, Im a fan; however I dont mind driving to Palm Beach for a game either.