Chatter That Matters: May 29 2013

caines | 5/30/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Gladys Smith and her Arcola Lakes Park Senior walkers once again met to celebrate Mothers Day last Thursday with a luncheon hosted by the men. They {men} displayed their culinary skills by preparing hot cat fish, chicken wings and other delights. The group included Bartow Duhart, Stan Lawson, Frank Strother, Luke Emmers, and Edward Waters. Among the mothers honored were: Treneise Henderson, Marva Duhart, Dr. Inez Rowe, Linda Cummings, Gloria Orr, Barbara Wright, Rodine Strother, Norma Coes, Daisy Emmers, and Laverne Roundtree and Mother Mamie Williams. During the dining, Williams entertained everyone by singing and the entire group joined in for a very happy time of celebrating the day, life and each other. Speaking of Mothers Day, Taimyr B. Strachan drove from Valdosta, Georgia to spend the day with her mother, Tangela Strachan, and grandmother, Carolyn Reid and other relatives. She will complete her masters degree on July 23, 2013 and announced that she expected a large group of family members to witness her walking across the stage. Recently, during my weekly visit to The Miami Times Office to drop off my column, I ran into Garth Reeves and asked to see Rachel Reeves, publisher. Let me check , he replied. In a few seconds he opened the door for me. As I stepped into her elegant office , she greeted me with her always warm and professional manner. Its a truism, she is a powerful Black woman and The Miami Times, still continues its tradition in being the voice for Blacks in our community and a very powerful and positive media source for news that is very informative, provocative and inspirational. The King of Clubs of Greater Miami took the time to recognize the Honorable Wilbert Tee Holloway and Muhamed Hamaludin as Outstanding Citizens for 2013. The honor was given to Fletcher Paschal to present the award to Holloway having served as State Representative for District 103 as well as presently serving as a member of the school board of Miami-Dade County. Holloway also was instrumental in the AT&T network and the annual historical calendars profiling outstanding community leaders. Bethune Cookman University alumni are proud to claim him as well as the brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Dr. Astrid Mack, in presenting the award to Hamaludin, applauded his work in the newspaper industry which included: The Miami Times, The Miami Herald and The Florida Times. Sympathy to the family of Claretha Bruton Cook, recently funeralized and eulogized by her husband Rev. Douglas Cook. Among the many in attendance were classmates from the Dorsey High class of 1946 ( Invincibles) including Lona Brown Mathis and yours truly. By Dr. Richard Strachan