Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 11/7/2013, 9 a.m.
When Darrius Jamal Albury-Williams was born on Feb. 10, 1994, his parents, Miranda Y. Albury and Harry Belafonte Williams, rejoiced. ...

When Darrius Jamal Albury-Williams was born on Feb. 10, 1994, his parents, Miranda Y. Albury and Harry Belafonte Williams, rejoiced. According to grandfather and grandmother, Dr. Charlie and Leo Albury, he is protected by God and surrounded by good people. Congratulations to Eloise Washington, first lady for orchestration Unity Day, doing things the way the late Rev. Dr. William H. Washington would’ve done. The first lady recruited from the membership: Rev. Alva Graham, interim pastor, Terry Jones, chairperson, Sharon B. Burnett, chairperson, Juanita Gittens, co-chairperson, James Parks, co-chairperson, and Roberta Daniels, counselor. The men of Ebenezer UMC provided music and the keynote speaker was Rev. Randy Hicks who gave an awesome message with stories encouraging people to get involved. The Arcola Parks Lake Singing Angels with Gloria Pacley, president/first lady of PULSE, took the choir to assist with their anniversary program.


Dr. Richard Strachan

We’ve lost outstanding “Chatter That Matters” readers, such as Thelma Ruth Becton Davis, a retired principal from the school system, a charter member of Delta Sigma Theta and the late wife of Joey Davis. She will be missed by her sons: Reginald, Rodney, Ricardo and Rolando. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority members showed up in the hundreds.

Ernest Gary James, a new member at The Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ, was eulogized by Rev. Dr. Kyla Manna, Adi and pastor. Along with preaching effectively, she did the same with her well-trained choir. James’ soulmate, Pernella Burke, was pleased with the service, along with Genay James-Jackson, three grandchildren, Steven Lewis, Jared Alexander, Shayla Grace Vernice, Gwendolyn Owens and other relatives.

Luther Harrington Moss’ service included The Rev. Dr. Simeon E. Newbold, Sr. Saint Kevin Episcopal Church, Rev. Errol Harvey and Rev. J. Kenneth Major. Those who gathered for the repast enjoyed Bahamian soul food consisting of pigeon peas and rice, macaroni and cheese and fried chicken.

We salute David Captain Curry who recently died after living in a local nursing home. Joseph Caleb loved his aggressiveness and put him in the bail bonds business. Curry was a graduate of FAMU, a top sports trainer and very fashionable. He was a favorite of head coach Jake Gaither and the men that visited Smitty’s Barbershop. He was well loved by all. He will be remembered by his daughter Tausha Riley, seven sons and 16 grandchildren. The Rev. C.K. Mitchell gave the eulogy.