Even in the pros lying is wrong

The Sports Brothers | 11/7/2013, 9 a.m.

Just as the Miami Dolphin season seemed to be taking a turn for the better, it looks to have taken a sharp turn for the worst. Or at least the embarrassing. When news broke last week that offensive lineman Jonathan Martin had left the team due to emotional distress brought on by “"bullying,” it brought about unwanted attention to a team that was on a four-game losing streak and trying to bounce back. They had a short week, having lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday and hosting the hot Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night.

Reports began to surface about a cafeteria incident that made Martin so upset that he left the team facility, not to be heard from for a few hours.

Additional reports about an unhappy locker room and discontent with coaches just added fuel to the fire. Martin did not play in Thursday night’s game in which the Dolphins went on to beat the Bengals — a victory the team sorely needed to take away from the distractions of his absence.

However, a Miami Herald report saying that Dolphin rookies have been forced to pay for dinners, trips and night club expenses has brought on an independent inquiry on the team by the NFL. With that comes more scrutiny of the team and coach Joe Philbin's tenure.

While it's understood that fan is short for fanatic, how can we as a society hear that a person is allegedly being bullied or harassed at the workplace but feel like we can excuse it because it's happening in a "grown man sport" that is often violent?

The last time I checked, football players had emotions like everyone else. They cry in wins and losses.

They get frustrated when they are not involved in play. They can even get envious. The NFL is a billion dollar industry. If Martin's emotional state was is in anyway supported by what his teammates did to him, then the Dolphins and the NFL should be held responsible.

Here's an opportunity for the NFL to send a message to today’s youth about the dangers of bullying and/or hazing and not having any more instances like this happen again.

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