FL Black Dems show up in force at State Convention

By Louis C. Ward | 11/7/2013, 9 a.m.

The Democratic Black Caucus Florida (DBCF) meeting held at the Florida Democratic Party’s 2013 State Conference in Orlando last Saturday was from all accounts a positive move towards Dems regaining the State. The weekend was productive and intriguing with State Representative Perry Thurston, Jr. announcing his intention to run for Florida State Attorney General and former Governor Charlie Crist’s oral allusion to run for governor of Florida. More than 200 people attended and DBCF President Henry Crespo, Sr. revealed the organization’s strategic plan and goals for the future while also sharing their new, informative website.

“We are a grassroots organization that is here to empower you to empower your community,” Crespo said. “We are in this fight together and everyone has equity in this party.”

There were 10 new paid memberships and discussions about starting new local chapters in counties where there are no organizations giving a voice to the issues that concern Blacks. Ohio State Senator Nina Turner encouraged people to join and support the DBCF, and engaged and fired-up the attendees with her speech.

“We need to put our money where our mouths are,” Turner emphasized. “When African Americans move, things happened for everybody.” Referring to her candidacy for Ohio Secretary of State, Turner said, “I am not running for office, I am running for a cause.”

“The Florida Speaks Tour is a movement,” said Senator Dwight Bullard, who helped kick off the Florida Speaks Tour. “We are no longer fighting for equality; we are fighting for our existence.”

Former Governor Charlie Crist, probably alluding to his expected announcement for a second run for Governor of Florida, said “Judge me by my deeds, what I’ve done. Look at the record.”

Endorsed and introduced by Senator Arthenia Joyner, announced candidate for Florida Governor, Nan Rich said, “There’s no leadership in Tallahassee. Many people said people don’t know me. I am going to be a house hold name. Believe me, I will be the first woman governor.”