Lil TerRio promotes staying in school

Beloved six-year-old winning the hearts of million with personality

Ashley Montgomery | 11/7/2013, 9 a.m.
Who would have thought that an overnight celebrity would come from a six-year-old just being himself? With his loving personality, ...
TerRio Harshaw [also known as Lil’ TerRio]

“A lot of people don’t know this but when TerRio was just two, he was on life support,” Battle said. “As you can see from his infectious personality, he is really just glad to be alive.”

Despite his young age, TerRio always finds a way, no matter where he his, to become the center of attention once he enters a room. With his charismatic personality he has been able to meet the likes of musicians, actors, tastemakers and athletes.

Just when people thought that Vine was going to become obsolete with the introduction of videos on Instagram, Lil’ TerRio “single-handedly saved Vine with his “Oooh Kill ‘Em” dance,” according to his press kit.  

Hundreds of students and faculty members flooded the gym of Archbishop McCarthy High School recently in Broward County to interact with Lil’ TerRio. He tells students to stay in school, adding that he doesn’t get a pass just because he’s on the road.

“He is tutored on the road by me, Jon Barchan, Timothy Lowery, and Terry Jessup,” Battle said. “We are all like his big brothers and we want the best for him along the way.”

His management team, Tha Lights, says that they love Lil TerRio like a little brother.

The child with the infectious smile can be found dancing and posing with his fans at different schools on his Vine, Instagram and Twitter pages that have grossed over 1 million followers.