Local women launch public relations firm

Ashley and Aja faces challenges of breaking into the industry

11/7/2013, 9 a.m.

What does one 26-year-old full-time mom/wife have in common with a constantly on-the-go 22-year-old? They both share the vision of “attracting attention with brilliance” through their recently fledgling public relations firm.

Miami native and CEO of Moore Public Relations [MPR] Firm, Ashley Moore says that she’s is a go-getter who isn’t afraid to change the game. Aja Lauren balances her life and takes the role of being the Chief Operating Officer [COO] and creative director of the company.

“One of the many challenges we face is time management,” said Moore. “It took a lot of time and rescheduled meetings to figure out the perfect schedule so that we can both work together to get projects accomplished.”

Both are alums of Howard University; Moore has a bachelor’s in public relations with a minor in political science while Lauren has a bachelor’s in communications and sports administration. Together they face a variety of challenges representing two male-dominated industries. MPR is a full-service PR firm located in Miami that specializes particularly in sports and entertainment, consumer branding, media planning and fashion.

“We focus on giving pro-active results while enhancing reputations and improving business results,” Lauren said.

The duo has already gained a hefty resume while on their journey to success. Moore and Lauren have represented the likes of Dexter Pittman, of the Memphis Grizzlies; Shaneice Hairston, model and actress; Kevin Smith of the Detroit Lions; and Channing Crowder of the Miami Dolphins.

“Because we are women some people assume that this is just a hobby or a side gig for us, which makes it difficult to reach male executives in many corporations,” Moore said.

When asked what was currently in store for MPR, Moore mentioned how being the boss the work is never done. MPR is currently in the works of implementing a social media campaign for Crowder Inaugural Bass Fishing Tournament. And they are also working with AMBespoke, a custom clothing company who dresses stars like Lamar Miller of the Miami Dolphins.

Even though times get hard for the pair they are constantly striving to go above and beyond to set themselves apart from the rest.

“In any entrepreneurship venture a positive mind set along with faith is very important in the overall success of the company,” Moore said. “We try to remember that during our stressful days.”