RJT Foundation honored for services rendered

“To lose a child hurts the entire family, someone has to be there to help them”

Gigi Tinsley | 11/7/2013, 9 a.m.
Denise Brown, the founder and president of the RJT Foundation lost a son, Roman Bradley, along with his childhood friend ...
[l-r] Garret Brown, a devoted supporter and husband of Denise Brown, founder and president; volunteers: Amber Burke, Angel Wooden (holding baby), Omar Franklin, Katrenia Hood, volunteer coordinator and Jenon Davis. Rear [l-r]Tina Haynes, Board Member; Paris Joseph, Board Member; volunteers:Michael Boothe, Zollene Brown, and Alex Ballar.

Denise Brown, the founder and president of the RJT Foundation lost a son, Roman Bradley, along with his childhood friend JaQuevin Myles on March 1, 2012 in a drive-by shooting. Brown along with JaQuevin’s mother, Jacklyn Hall and Renee Jones, the mother of a third childhood friend, Trevin D’Shawn Reddick, also killed in a separate drive by shooting in Oct. 2011, co-founded the RJT Foundation.


President and founder of RJT Foundation Denise Brown and Vivian Dean, supporter.

To remain in the grieving state she was, Brown said, was more than she could stand. “So I moved from a state of constant depression into one of action. “I found that helping others was the solution to easing a lot of my pain.”

”RJT [the first initial of each of the deceased young men] Foundation and an acronym for “Restore, Joy and Trust,” was founded June 2012. “Working with other families who are going through what I went through keeps me sane. I not only sympathize with them, I have great empathy, also, Brown said.”

For its work supporting families of murdered children, the RJT Foundation was among seven other groups -”heroes”-honored on Oct. 25th by the switchboard of Miami crisis network.

Just one year and four months after being organized, the RJT Foundation was recognized in four categories: Rookie of the Year, Leadership, Volunteerism, Innovation, Collaboration and Most Valuable Non-Profit. Out of the four nominations, RJt was selected as finalist for two categories, All-Star and Rookie of the Year. RJT Foundation won the “Miami’s All-Star” Non-Profit for 2013.

Members of two families, out of the more than 25 families served by the RJT Foundation, young RJT volunteers from the juvenile justice system, and other dedicated volunteers were among those present at the Jungle Island awards luncheon honoring non-profit organizations in Miami-Dade County that work tirelessly to help our community.

“We’re grateful to Switchboard of Miami for shining a light on the needs of families in our community struggling with the loss of their loved ones to murder and other violent crimes,” Brown said.

To contact the RJT Foundation call 786-309-6114.