A plan for Dems that ignore Black community

11/13/2013, noon

Have you heard the latest political gossip in South Florida? Alex Sink is running for Congress, Charlie Crist is running for governor — this time as a Democrat — and Perry Thurston hopes to become the State’s first Black state attorney. We’re certain that as the 2014 ballot takes shape, there will be more surprise announcements, more rumors that will morph from being speculation to fact and plenty of chess-like maneuvers on the side of both Democrats and Republicans.

But if we had to bet money, we’d say most politicians will spend very little time in Black communities and will spend even less money courting us for our vote. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they ignored us all together and went to places like Little Havana or Aventura for rallies where they kiss babies, speak a little Spanish and donate to a worthy Latino-based cause.

But there’s still time to change this on our own behalf. Here are a few suggestions as more political dark horses and frontrunners come out of the gate.

First, let’s hold candidates accountable, seek proof that they have practiced what they preach and stop taking their promises as the gospel truth. Second, ask them what they’ve done for us lately and then look for confirmation. Third, consider the essential needs of our neighborhoods and then make our demands known in a clear and succinct manner. And finally, for those candidates who believe that Black votes don’t matter or assume that Blacks won’t bother to vote, let’s make a blood oath to vote for their opponent and send them back to their gated communities. Politics isn’t all that complex — unless one fails to govern themselves by the rules.