Rev. Richard Dunn’s tactics have backfired

Miami Times Editorial Department | 11/13/2013, noon
The Reverend Dunn II was installed into District 5 seat to take the place of Commissioner Spence-Jones. At that time, ...

The Reverend Dunn II was installed into District 5 seat to take the place of Commissioner Spence-Jones. At that time, he stated he would not run for the seat, but would simply work for citizens of District 5. The taste of power must have been intoxicating because he decided that he wanted the seat. He ran and lost against Michelle Spence-Jones. Rather than go through another election battle that he could not win, he used the legal system to prevent her from completing her term. Without Michelle Spence-Jones, he assumed, as did the entire political establishment, that he would waltz into District 5. He had the money and the endorsements — victory would be complete and final. The political establishment forgot one thing — the people of District 5 have a mind of their own.

District 5 voters, 70 percent of whom voted for Spence-Jones, were turned off by what amounted to a dirty trick to keep her from finishing her term. The person responsible for that dirty trick, Dunn, was not the person they felt should inherit her seat. The voters showed Dunn that stealing away their right to choose a leader was not the way to win the hearts and minds of the voters of

District 5.

Along comes a new, bright light — Keon Hardemon — a disciple of Spence-Jones and he launches a grassroots campaign. He talks to the voters and wins them over. The voters of District 5 did not want an establishment Negro who will follow along like a little lap dog, but rather wanted a leader who would fight for District 5. Hardemon established himself as the ideal replacement to Spence-Jones. He won the general election with twice as many votes as his two nearest competitors. Now, all the big establishment people are flocking to his side. Hardemon hopes to fill the shoes of Spence-Jones who dedicated her life to the District, working nonstop to bring jobs, safety and better City services to a District that had long been neglected. Despite the attacks on her, she served with integrity and honesty. It was this honesty and her strong Christian faith that carried her through the dark days.

So now, Keon Hardemon, is given the opportunity to serve.

Reginald J. Clyne, a veteran South Florida attorney, and his firm, was recently acquired by the Florida law firm of Lydecker Diaz in Miami.