Runoff election scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 19th

D. Kevin McNeir | 11/13/2013, noon
Last Tuesday, 6, 525 votes were cast — that’s 16 percent — in the heated race for City of Miami ...

“Our strategy was to get as many votes early as possible and we were pretty successful,” Hardemon said. “We’ll continue in the same way during the runoff and will use our dollars as efficiently as possible through the various media outlets to get people even more excited about my campaign. But I think people know where I stand and the number of votes we received confirm that they support me.”

He added that the endorsement and support of Spence-Jones was “extremely helpful.” And last weekend, Hardemon confirmed that after meeting with Malone late last week, that he had picked up the fourth-place finisher’s endorsement. Malone had previously told The Miami Times that he was not going to endorse either candidate but that he would “wait on the voters and then support the winner.”

“Unfortunately, there is a longstanding history in South Florida politics of politicians failing to keep their word,” Malone said. “I stated in a public forum that I would support Hardemon if he became the candidate that was successful. Therefore he has my endorsement. I respect his win and effort as a candidate. It is my hope that he becomes a leader that governs with the intention of including and respecting the 16 to 17 neighborhoods in District 5.”

Malone added that the two first met when he was a scholarship recruiter and Hardemon was a freshman at FAMU.

The stage is set — election day is next Tuesday.