The truth about why I’m endorsing Dunn

11/13/2013, noon
I ran for City Commissioner for District 5 because I wanted to give the community a choice — a candidate ...

I ran for City Commissioner for District 5 because I wanted to give the community a choice — a candidate who believes in and loves this community and who is one of its few life-long residents. I was willing to I put my reputation and integrity on the line because I wanted to give our district a greater vision and a viable choice — a community representative that understands its needs and knows how to help overcome its many deficits. Many understood and embraced my vision —one that included serious efforts towards job creation; creating a safe environment; partnering with fine arts neighborhoods; creating a substantial tax base; and proactive leadership that generates development plans and not just responds to them.

I got into the race on Aug. 24 and with less than 90 days was within 41 votes of a runoff. I am thankful to the voters

Jacqui Colyer

Jacqui Colyer

who also want more for this community than just getting by. I thank all of the voters who understand that moving forward means moving in a new direction. I thought I would be in the runoff and worked hard to get there. After I didn’t, I had another choice to make — endorse or not? I have decided to endorse Rev. Richard Dunn II.

Here are my reasons: Richard Dunn is the best choice. There was an ‘element’ in the race that was not civil. The opponents chose to fight, rather than discuss issues. They were loud and rude and offered no options other than a ‘bloody nose’ or beat down. It reminded me of the bumper sticker: My kid will beat up your Honor Student. In case you don’t know, that’s why District 5 is suffering the way it is. The middle class is leaving the community. Dunn is best choice because the ‘element’ on the other side threatens our very safety and ability to talk to each other. The ‘Little Haiti’ incident was pure divisive politics. Usually it’s white folks pitting us against each other. This time it was the would-be commissioners. Now really!

The desperation of our communities – Liberty Square (Pork & Beans), Edison Courts, Victory Homes, Culmer Place and Gardens, New Haven (The Graveyard), Wynwood and so many others where residents are willing to do almost anything to earn a few extra dollars, helped me further understand that economic development and training are critical to the overall solution of redevelopment not offered more pandering and platitudes.

Dunn is the best choice because the other ‘element’ offers “more of the same.” More blight, more poverty, more desperation, more sadness but no solutions except a bloody nose if you don’t agree.

Dunn is the best choice because District 5 deserves a commissioner who seeks to bring community together bit divide. One of our own has been trying to divide us based on whether we are Haitian or Black American. Shame on her and her ‘anointed’ one. Any Black person who is a citizen of this country is, ipso facto African American. We will not fall for the old ‘rope a dope.’ We will stand together — all of us of the African Diaspora — Haitian, Bahamian, Southern, Caribbean. South and Central American. We are smarter and and wiser than to let politics divide us. We are all better together.

Jacqui Colyer is a longtime Miami resident, a former county executive and was one of four candidates vying for city commissioner.