Sylvia’s stirs up sweet memories on Veteran’s Day

ALF welcomes vets, seniors and those looking for a good meal

D. Kevin McNeir | 11/14/2013, 9 a.m.

Celebrating Veteran’s Day was the theme last Monday at Sylvia’s Retirement Home in Liberty City [1823 NW 94th Street], where about 50 vets, retirees and seniors who have made this community their home for most of their lives listened to their favorite tunes from “back in the day,” while munching on barbecue ribs and chicken, salads, green beans, peas and rice and of course, “Sylvia’s special souse.”

The outdoor picnic is an annual gathering which Williams, the founder and director of the assisted living facility [ALF], says has become one of the home’s most anticipated events that even youth attend.

“Some say that smaller ALFs like ours aren’t needed but those who showed up today all agree with me — we matter to this community,” she said. “Our residents in this home are all low income and many were formerly homeless. They pay their bills with their SSI check and the State subsidizes the rest.

But it’s barely enough for us to do all of things we want and need to do for them. Still, we do our best for them. But I often have to go into my own pocket. We work hard to keep our residents active so it has become a true labor of love. The thing is, our people get to stay in a place that is clean, safe and in a community that is familiar to them. Their friends can come visit them and it’s not a long distance. We’re family here. That’s why we matter.”