Omega Power and Praise ministry gives and feeds

Pastor Wilson-Green: “We wish that we could do more”

Gigi Tinsley | 11/21/2013, 9 a.m.
Christmas items given out in 2012.

The Omega Power and Praise Ministry, Inc., is dedicated to serving the community and providing a place of worship for all who wish to get closer to God. The church is under the leadership of Pastor Harriette Wilson-Green, who is a very knowledgeable and intelligent lady who devotes the majority of her time looking out for the welfare and well-being of others.

“I was raised this way,” said Wilson-Green. “My mother was the same way and we helped her and I grew to love helping people.”

“We help in preparing the food and commodities that the church members help to prepare and distribute to the neighborhood residents because Pastor Green is a member of IOU and we see the need — weekly,” said Regina Davis, coordinator of the Omega’s IOU [It’s On Us] Group.

Davis explained that the IOUs are parents who are very concerned about the type of teachers their children have and the learning their children receive from these teachers. They volunteer their services at schools in the Miami Northwestern and Edison Senior High Feeder Pattern schools and as others do “They want the best for their children and we are working hard to get it.

On Monday, Nov. 25, the Omega Power and Praise Ministry at 4705 NW 17th Ave. will give away food at their regular distribution of food day.  

On Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 6:30, said Wilson-Green, “We will have our community’s annual ‘Come Dine With Us’, where we will serve a delicious, hot, home cooked Thanksgiving dinner that is open to the public. Donations will be accepted, then too.”

We are now asking companies, agencies and individuals to give us un-wrapped new toys, new clothing and shoes for newborns to children 17 years of age,” Wilson-green said.

She stated that they have been doing this for 16 years, as long as the Lord has given them strength.

The group will have a giveaway for Christmas on Dec. 21st.

They will also feed the people and play games.