Transparency, oversight needed at JHS

Voters have approved $830M bond — new committee will review how dollars are spent

D. Kevin McNeir | 11/21/2013, 9 a.m.
Voters recently approved an $830M bond request that will raise their property taxes and will allow Jackson Health System to ...

Both Edmonson and Jordan said they have “total confidence” in Sharpton.

“I was concerned that Jackson might seek to privatize their services and it seemed that a few years ago they were leaning in that direction,” Jordan added. “But that’s not the course they have taken and that’s for the good of all of our citizens. The recent report about Jackson’s surplus of funds [$45M in the black] shows that Sharpton, in his short time as the board’s chair, has been getting the job done and that the board has been vigilant in performing their tasks.”

County Commissioner Dennis Moss said we must upgrade the facilities at Jackson in order to keep them competitive with other hospitals and that “the oversight committee is a good attempt to put some sort of body in place to look over the shoulders of the trust and the administration.”

“Hopefully this additional oversight will make the public feel more secure about how their money is being spent,” Moss said. “Of course, we also want to make sure that Blacks get opportunities in terms of employment as work is done related to Jackson’s plan.”

County Commissioner Jean Monestime, another supporter of the bond, said, “the passage of that referendum was a positive note for Miami-Dade County because Jackson is an asset that contributes to many, many individuals in the County.”

“Now it’s about the next step — putting an oversight committee in place and making sure that there is real transparency. We also want to make sure that those who are able get contracts for the work that will be done, especially minorities. I look forward to positive debate and that we have an oversight committee that functions and operates to make sure items are brought to the board of commissioners, that Jackson’s progress is reviewed regularly and that the work is executed properly. Finally, it is my hope that Jackson and the county commission will establish a process by which minorities can understand and participate in contracting opportunities.”