Chef and minister team up to feed community a Thanksgiving meal

Larkin and Jones providing free meals for all

Ashley Montgomery | 11/28/2013, 9 a.m.
Millions of families around the nation gather every fourth Thursday of November to take part in a long standing traditional ...
Pastor Jones and Chef Aaron Larkin

Millions of families around the nation gather every fourth Thursday of November to take part in a long standing traditional dinner that is formally known as Thanksgiving.

But not everyone finds this a festive time of the year particularly because of financial constraints. But thanks to two hard-working men in Liberty City, Chef Aaron Larkin of Old School International Food and Seafood Cuisine and Pastor Leroy Jones of 3D Ministries, Thanksgiving dinner is being brought to the community buffet style.

“We really just wanted to do something special for the community and giving back is the perfect way to show how much we care,” Pastor Jones said. “People work so hard their whole lives and it’s just heartbreaking to see some go without on this special day.”

Chef Aaron Larkin is preparing to cook dinner for families in need this Thursday from noon until 5 p.m.

“We’re inviting everyone out but I’d really like to see senior citizens show up because they’re frequently overlooked in this community,” Larkin said.

Larkin said that he is anticipating many of his existing customers to come out as well as members of Jones’s congregation who are just looking for a family atmosphere and “good ol’ food.”

Both say they are looking forward to involving the youth in this community effort.

A young sous chef by the name of Burnell “Flash” Thompson will be putting his chef skills to the forefront by lending a hand to Larkin.

“I think it’s important to get the youth involved to teach them and show them positivity — we need to bring the community back together,” Larkin said. “We need to stick together and start supporting each other more.”

Larkin added that it’s counterproductive for adults to turn their backs on youth and says that instead older adults should reach out to them and show them the right way to conduct their lives and careers.

This first ever Thanksgiving buffet will not be the last from the duo. In the upcoming months, Larkin and Jones plan to host an event catering to nursing homes.

“I’d like to have some vans or buses go down to the nursing homes and I want to feed them and provide them with entertainment,” Larkin said.

Looking for a great dinner and a good time? Join other members of the community at 811 NW 54 Street [3D Ministries] on Thanksgiving afternoon.