Dr. Russell reaches out through lifeline ministry

“I love the Lord and will serve, forever”

Gigi Tinsley | 11/28/2013, 9 a.m.
Dr. Calvin Russell, a native of Miami says he, “loves the Lord who has declared my life to serving his ...

Dr. Calvin Russell, a native of Miami says he, “loves the Lord who has declared my life to serving his people and worshipping and giving praise to him”

Russell is a graduate of Revelation Bible College from which he earned his Doctorate Degree in Theology. His reason for earning a degree was not only to get a Ph.D, but also to learn as much as possible so that he can continually, rightly divide the word of God, he said. In 1981, Russell was a member of the House of God Miracle Revival Fellowship, then under the leadership of Mother Sevilla Cook. Under Rev. Junior Mortimore, Russell was selected to lead the Bus Ministry, ordained a deacon and chaired the Hospital Ministry.In 2010, Russell, his wife Jannie and a few devoted Christians founded Lifetime Outreach Ministry. The membership was small but growing and determined to follow God’s word according to a group of members.

“Though he is younger than I am, I am with the church because God has called Dr. Russell [his younger brother] to pastor Lifeline Ministry and I support him with all of my heart, said Rev. Joe Russell, Calvin’s older brother. “He is a great preacher and my title at the church is “teacher.”

Ministries at Lifeline

Ministries established by Russell include: Outreach, Youth and Bible Study and Prayer Meeting. Saturday Morning Prayers are held every Saturday from 7-8.

They can be reached online, by text and social media. The telephone number is 805-399-1000 and the pin number is 6622245.

“My main goal is to do more outreach, restoring and lifting-up, for those who are struggling and need more encouragement, Russell said. “We need to encourage more people to build a real relationship with the Lord.”

“Rev. Dr. Calvin Russell is my husband and a leader I am proud to be by his side,” said lady Jannie Russell.