Forgive others, show love and celebrate life

11/28/2013, 9 a.m.
On Thursday many of us will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and close friends. Thanksgiving is definitely a ...

On Thursday many of us will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and close friends. Thanksgiving is definitely a day of reunification and celebration for most of us. And as we come together to celebrate we will fondly reminisce about the special times we shared with those loved ones who are no longer able to celebrate the holiday with us. We will remember that special uncle entertaining us with his amusing stories about being a lady’s man, or that baby brother that shared a very special bond with you. The holiday also brings to mind those special dishes that were made by our loved ones— that special sweeter than sweet, sweet potato pie that auntie used to make. Or that one-of-a-kind peach cobbler Grandma made. One thing for sure, the holiday is sure to stir up memories and reconnect us with those we love and have lost.       

Sadly for us, some members of our family that were with us last year won’t be sitting at the table. In some cases we may have anticipated the absence of a loved one due to a medical diagnosis or the ending of a prolonged illness. Perhaps that’s why we always honor and respect our elderly or ill family members knowing that this may be their last time together with us. Still, life is unpredictable and we should never take it or anyone for granted as next year’s celebration for any of us is never guaranteed. In families all across Miami-Dade County, loved ones that we were sure would be around to make us laugh, will not be with us this year. Death is sometimes unexpected. That being the case, we are to embrace each other with love and make amends in those tattered relationships. Find the time to reach out in between your second serving or between half time to tell a loved one

just how much they really mean to you.  Remember what mama taught us: “This may be the last time, maybe the last time I don’t know.” 

Remember to count your blessings and give thanks for all that God has bestowed on you throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Queen Brown is a freelance writer, a motivational speaker and a trained crime victim’s advocate.